75 Top Tips that will Clear Your Clutter

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Organizing Round-Up: Pro Tips to Clear Clutter

Who doesn’t love tips, hacks, and quick how-tos? More than Organized participated in two top-tip round-ups featuring professional organizers and bloggers around the web. Each collection has unique clear-cluttering tips for your home.

35 Best Tips from Professional Organizers and Bloggers

If you’ve been following More than Organized for any time at all, you know that getting organized is more than cleaning clutter and putting things in place – it’s all about attitude!  My organizing sisters featured in Practical Perfection agree. When asked for their best tips, they tackled topics from getting started and staying motivated to practical decluttering and mastering the organizing mindset.

“Do you ever wish you could ask your favorite bloggers and professional organizers what their best advice would be to help you get organized?”  Michelle, Practical Perfection

One of my favorite (and funny) tips from the Practical Perfection collection comes from Mark Twain! Tasha Whitsitt (I Heart Planners) turns Twain’s witticism about eating a live frog into solid organizing advice. You don’t want to miss it.

35 Best Tips from Professional Organizers and Bloggers
from Michelle, Practical Perfection

Home Organization: Tips from Professional Organizers

What should I do with old baby stuff?  My kitchen is in chaos! Where do I even start with my stuffed-full garage? Can an app help me get organized? Should I hire a pro? Is there organizing hope for home-schoolers?

For nuts-and-bolts tips for almost any organizing challenge (including the ones above), read the round-up from Porch. Rocio Espinoza from Porch (“the moving and improving” service site) has collected 40 tips from organizing pros.

As well as tidying up spaces (kitchens, closets, and the fridge), the Porch tips cover organizing around life changes (divorce, kids leaving the nest, and everyone’s Achilles’ heel – moving). Also, 2020 has brought us some new challenges – staying organized while teleworking and homeschooling. The Porch post covers those too.

Home Organization: Tips from Professional Organizers
from Rocio Espinoza, Porch

Bonus Tip from More than Organized

Which tip resonated with you? Which did you find most useful? Your answers could point to your starting place for clearing your clutter. For many, the hard thing (that live frog) about organizing is getting started.

So, do you need a recipe for that frog? Here it is: Get clear about who and how you want to be. This clarity will keep your priorities in order. Once your priorities are clear, the hard thing you work on will also be an important thing. This combination moves you closer to success. (Let me know if you need some help with that. The first step to clarity is a conversation).

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