Miriam Ortiz y Pino

Miriam Ortiz y Pino

Certified Professional Organizer and Simplicity Expert

I like to make things easy everywhere I go.

I’m Miriam Ortiz y Pino, a Simplicity Expert and a Certified Professional Organizer. I became an organizer because I know that feeling in control comes from knowing what you own, and what you can do with it. I like things neat and pretty and can reveal beauty in your environment.

Getting organized ensures that what needs doing gets done.

It allows you to focus on what is important to you. Organizing involves eliminating the excess and redundant. Then putting things in the most effective place. By designing simple systems that work for you, we can create the environment you need to live your best life.

Beauty is inspiring. Easy is beautiful.


My first job was to organize and merchandise The Herb Shop in Santa Fe, when I was 11. The shop was owned by a family friend, and when she set me loose alphabetizing the apothecary jars, tracking client purchases, arranging the back stock and featuring items she needed to move, I was in heaven. My organizing skills bloomed!

Every job I’ve had since involved organizing the systems and people to actually do the job effectively. And because I like variety, that includes jobs in restaurants, hotels, interior design, retail housewares, non profits, political campaigns, music venues and advertising agencies.

I have a bachelor’s degree in American Studies with a focus Popular Culture from the University of New Mexico. I switched from studying marketing half way through my junior year because I was sick of the greedy culture in the business school. It was the 80’s and interestingly enough, my last marketing paper was on the overlooked market of people wanting to simplify their lives.

I then spent 10 years in San Francisco studying and practicing interior design, merchandising, customer service, marketing, logistics, advertising, event planning, production, project and people management, and training. The best education an entrepreneur can get – immersion.


I get to spend my time helping people uncover the extraordinary in their ordinary. Sometimes at the best moments, like starting a life together, welcoming babies, new ventures, creating art, and championship bouts. Sometimes it is at the worst, in the cases of divorce, illness and death.

I’ve worked with artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, professionals, business owners, and multi-millionaires all over the U.S. Most of them are moms, dads, kids and parents.

I believe my truth lies amongst various versions. So, I look for bits everywhere I go. Sometimes I find pieces in my clients drawers.

Just let me know when I can come look through yours.

Time well spent


I returned to New Mexico and launched my professional organizing business, More than Organized.


The New York Times called me for expert advice.


Achieved NAPO Golden Circle status after 5 years in business.

Became a NAPO Ambassador – I’m committed to helping my colleagues build brilliantly successful businesses.


I got my cpo designation, becoming one of the first Certified Professional Organizers in the world.


The Streamlined Column appears in The Albuquerque Journal’s Sage Magazine.


Began working with a high-level marketing and business coach and created The Streamlined Solution, an easy to follow and implement method of working with my clients so they achieve consistent and long lasting results.


Joined the IAWBC to improve my coaching skills.


Called by The Anderson Show to offer my expertise and work with a woman overwhelmed by clutter.


I was named as a Simplicity Legend, was featured in The 30-Day Simplicity Challenge book and voted Top 5 Simplicity Blogs so, you know I make it fast, easy and fun.


I was awarded Top 20 Home Office Organizing Expert, as featured at ClearSimpleLiving.com


Became a Sacred Money Archetype® Coach and a National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO) Instructor


Celebrated 15 years in Business and as a member of NAPO


Earned specialist certificates in Residential Organizing and Workplace Productivity from NAPO


Became a Fire Starter Facilitator, success coaching to ignite your creativity.

Fun Facts About Miriam Ortiz y Pino…

  • By the way, the only two papers I wrote and kept were one on simplicity and one I wrote on the niching of TV channels (regarding cable expanded the possibilities of viewing exactly what you want, when you want). Weird right?
  • I collect rock art posters, clever turns of phrase, and beautiful items that speak to me.
  • Things I love include television, books, music, New Mexico, plain cheeseburgers, coffee, lilacs, dark beer, and noticing something for the first time. However, that doesn’t mean that I keep a lot of any of those around.


I support causes that empower women entrepreneurs including Heifer International, Kiva, Emerge New Mexico, One and Red. As well as the Livestrong Foundation and my local arts and music scene.

“Miriam not only organizes, she teaches you how to keep up after she’s gone. My home looks so great and I’m confident that I’ll keep it that way because I now know how to without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at the thought – AND I’m not embarrassed to have people over because I love where I live now!”


“I have been disorganized and scattered all my life and in my youth I always assumed it was kind of cute to not know where anything was. As I have grown older, though, I have got very tired of my overall messiness, but have felt kind of hopeless in the face of it. Miriam walked into my chaos and with a calm cool no-nonsense approach proceeded to make sense of it all.

I now live in an environment where I know what things are where, and how to immediately put a hand on what I need. For me this is nothing short of miraculous, my home now feels streamlined and efficient and I have empty spaces where piles of junk used to be. I will be eternally grateful to Miriam and her 'More than Organized' philosophy.”

Rowan Wymark

“Miriam is creative and effective at organizing, while being gently supportive and valuing the customer’s opinions and input. I am still using systems she put in place several years ago.”

Elizabeth Valsala