The Streamlined Solution Courses

Do you like to do-it-yourself? Or are looking for an inexpensive way to breakthrough the overwhelm so you can gain control of your time, stuff, and space? If that’s you, The Streamlined Solution Courses are the fastest and easiest way to get started today!

I’ve created 3 organizing courses on the areas people ask the most help with: clutter, time, and paperwork.


The Streamlined CLUTTER Solution

Gain Control of your Stuff & Space

Clutter can be overwhelming. The Streamlined Clutter Solution will guide you through figuring out where to start and easy methods for creating the systems for managing your clutter – no matter what kind – as you make the decisions about what to keep. I’ve included all my best tricks for making those decisions too. This customizable and adaptable system works for a lifetime.

Learn New Ways of Relating to your Stuff that Make it Easy to Maintain Forever.
This Course is for you if you want to learn...
  • Where to start so you can get started.
  • How to decide what to keep so you don’t get stuck on a single item.
  • The best ways of keeping it so you have easy access when you need it and it will work when you do.
  • Systems and routines for keeping it that way so the stuff you have supports what you do.
  • Develop an awareness of what you need so you make smarter purchases.
  • Learn the right questions to ask so you can make quick decisions about what to let into your life.
Bonuses also include:
  • One of my favorite templates to help you reach your goals
  • Lists of the best questions to ask yourself to eliminate your clutter fast
  • No risk subscription to all my best tips & tricks to stay clutter free


The Streamlined TIME Solution

Easy Ways to Control Time & Tasks

There never seems to be enough time to get it all done. The Streamlined Time Solution will teach you step by step how to prioritize your tasks and start feeling productive. This is a simple process that will help you create just enough structure to your day to get the maximum amount done while retaining your spontaneity. Some things can be automated, some delegated and some let go of. Don’t worry, I’ll help you see where to start and how to develop the systems and routines that help you maximize your creative and fun time.

Learn how to get everything done that needs to get done.
This Course is for you if you want to learn...
  • How to tie your tasks to your goals so you know why you are doing things.
  • Simple layering technique to ensure the maintenance always gets done so you feel free to create or play.
  • How to decide what to work on next so you are always moving your projects forward.
  • Awareness of how long things really take so you can stop making excuses.
  • The best ways to prioritize so that you can eliminate the worry from your day.
  • Systems for automating routine tasks so you can free up even more time for fun and creativity.
Bonuses also include:
  • One of my favorite templates to help you map out your day
  • My favorite question to ask yourself before you agree to take on anything.
  • No risk subscription to all my best tips & tricks to stay productive and on time

The Streamlined PAPER Solution

Quick Ways to Control Interesting Information

Paper and information pile up quickly. Pretty soon your energy and creativity are zapped – just by looking at the pile. Solve your biggest headache with this easy method for deciding what you have to keep. Then I’ll take you step-by-step through an easy rotation system for keeping your information and papers current and relevant. Drastically reduce the amount of space you need for paperwork! (Find out where to  put all those pieces of paper you don’t what what to do with).

Learn how to control your piles of paper so you always have important papers handy.
This Course is for you if you want to learn...
  • Which pile to start with so you can save hours of sorting and purging time.
  • How to decide what information you will need again so you only keep the essentials.
  • The best way to find information when you need it so you always appear to be knowledgeable and on top of things.
  • Know the easy things to toss so you can keep paper clutter and worry to a minimum.
  • Simple rotation systems so you don’t waste time working with outdated information.
  • How to not file in the first place so save time – lots of time – now and later.
Bonuses also include:
  • My favorite home file solution
  • The best question to ask yourself before you keep any piece of paper
  • No risk subscription to all my best tips & tricks to stay on top of relevant information

Are you ready to make a change in your life with the Streamlined Solution?