Organize Your Home

I work with you in your space (live or virtual) to create the nurturing and supportive environment where you can do your best work and live a fantastic life. More than just hiding your stuff in pretty boxes, you can expect platinum-level service to keep you organized and productive for the rest of your life. You CAN gain control of your time, stuff, and space. And I’d love to show you how. Work with me one-on-one in your mental and physical space.


VIP Deluxe

Your all-in solution for when you want to streamline your entire life in just 6 months and finally gain control of your time, stuff & space.


We start with a VIP Day for planning, then twice a month in your space to go through the clutter, set up your systems and develop the habits you need to keep it tidy and live a fuller life.


You also get all the stuff to support the work:

  • Worksheets
  • Labels
  • Checklists
  • Basic Containers
  • Access to Online Courses
  • Decision Criteria
  • Strategies


When you want to focus on the solution for your problem area. Real transformation in just 3 sessions.

We work together in your space and follow it up with coaching calls to make sure it works. Choose your area:

  • Closet & Laundry
  • Kitchen & Pantry
  • Home Office
  • Bath & Linen


Think of this as a quick start. One day (really just 5 intensive hours) to take your success to the next level.


This themed assessment and planning day catapults your results. Taking the time to do this makes the work faster and easier for you. So you get and stay organized for the rest of your life, at home or at work.

  • Sacred Money Archetypes – Crack your money code
  • Fire Starter Sessions – Set up your creative jam
  • Time & Tasks – Create your ideal schedule & be more productive
  • Satisfying & Meaningful Life Coaching — Who and how you want to be
  • Desire Mapping — Create Goals with Soul
  • Email – Clear out and automate your email process

If you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, I have the antidote — clear steps to discover and craft your ideal space where the magic happens.

Trusted by over 1,000 Clients Since 2000


Jenna Avery

Soul's Purpose Coach, Sensitive Living Expert, Intuitive Mentor
"For me, the biggest shift is knowing how and what to do to keep my office functioning well, which frees up my time and energy so I can focus on doing what I love and not having my workflow slow me down."

Pat Forbes

Patricia Forbes Art
"I am so appreciative of your services. The office is functioning better. My studio is functioning better - and I am even sleeping better! Organization is spreading to areas we haven’t even touched!"

Are you ready to make a change in your life and business?