Being organized is not just tidy. More than Organized is about the connection between the control you crave and the freedom you desire. I help people build wealth through organization.

Most people don't realize that organization is the key to freedom, wealth and prosperity. I help people control their lives and their money through organization.

Most people don't realize that they feel stressed and overwhelmed all the time because they are disorganized.

Organization is actually a powerful tool in helping you get control of your external space which will help you scale your business, build your wealth, take more vacations, and have more freedom.

I'm Miriam….

My mission is to make things easier for you.

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"For me, the biggest shift is knowing how and what to do to keep my office functioning well, which frees up my time and energy so I can focus on doing what I love and not having my workflow slow me down."

Jenna AverySoul's Purpose Coach, Sensitive Living Expert, Intuitive Mentor