Your Complete Paper Solution

4 Easy Steps to Control the Piles in Your Way

How’s your paper mess? Do you feel the pressure to take care of it before you can do the things you want to do? Are you overwhelmed and don’t know how to get it all done? Do you have to move a pile of paper to sit where you want to? Are you ready to declutter the paper once and for all?

Everyone thinks that their issue with paper is different, and that every piece of paper is unique but, actually, every piece can be categorized. Things left undone can wear you out. The only difference between you and people without a paper problem is that successful people do it anyway, until it becomes a habit.

The Your Complete Paper Solution approach allows you to know:

That papers FLOW, that your information is SAFE, and that where you find it gives you a CLUE as to what needs to be done next.

Hi! It’s Miriam here, I want to invite you into the Your Complete Paper Solution Group Program – as a super busy person you are not going to want to miss it! I know if you are reading this, you have at least a suspicion that there is an easier way to manage your paper.

Paper and information pile up quickly. Pretty soon your energy and creativity are zapped – just by looking at the pile. Solve your biggest headache with this easy method for deciding what you have to keep. Then I’ll take you step-by-step through an easy rotation system for keeping your information and papers current and relevant. 

Drastically reduce the amount of space you need for paperwork! (Find out where to put all those pieces of paper you don’t know what to do with). Learn how to control your piles of paper so you always have important papers handy. 

What I have found while working with my fabulous clients over the years is that there is a frequently overlooked connection between a cluttered space and a cluttered mind. It is no wonder that people get overwhelmed.

Knowing your desired outcome – the real one – will make all your organizing efforts feel almost effortless.

This program is designed to take full advantage of the connections between time, stuff, and space, as well as the connections between mindset and results.

Would you like to:

  • Save hours every week so you can…
  • Simplify paperwork so you can use that energy for other things
  • Clarify when it is essential to keep the paper so you don’t get in trouble
  • Recognize your own excuses for keeping piles of paper so you can start to let it go
  • Gain control of your paper so that it doesn’t control you
  • Recognize relevant information & keep it handy so you can find it when you need it
  • Inject excitement and creativity into your day instead of overwhelm so you can be more peaceful and productive
  • Welcome simplicity in your life so you can experience delightful days!

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When you enroll in the Your Complete Paper Solution Group Program, here is what you get:

4 live sessions with me. That means you get skills and examples of how to apply them right away. Value: $3500.00

2 live Q&A sessions to get your questions answered as you implement. Value: $500

BONUS #1: Downloadable worksheets, templates and checklists. Value: $150.00

BONUS #2: Easy file system to get you started managing your information. Value: $250.00

BONUS #3: Upgrade to VIP & receive 6 coaching calls for accountability, implementation and work on your habits too. Value: $3500.00

All of the program elements have been designed to work together to help you form the breakthrough habits that will serve you for a lifetime. I know you will love the results.

All the tips, tricks, secrets and solutions have been tested on actual clients so I know they will work for you, too.

Because I want you to have a great interactive experience I have to limit the number of participants to 20 – so don’t delay!

The Schedule


All classes are at 4:30pm MT via Zoom

Session 1

October 7, 2021

Design Your Space

  • Know where to put the papers you bring in 
  • Set up a mail processing system 
  • Prepare your mind with myth busting 

Session 2

October 14, 2021

Plan Your Process

  • Eliminate distractions & busy work
  • Why batching is a key habit for saving time
  • Rotation systems keep things flowing

Q&A Session

October 21, 2021

Session 3

October 28, 2021

Clarify Your Information

  • Understand different types of information
  • How to get off the mailing lists
  • Recognize the next step in your projects

Session 4

November 4, 2021

Categorize and Archive

  • Create resource zones
  • Simplify your paperwork and communications
  • Incorporate the past into the system

Q&A Session

November 11, 2021

The value of this training program (not including bonuses) is over $4000.00.
The special investment is just $3,500.00. That’s a great value!

You might as well register now – Your Complete Paper Solution Group Program starts October 7th. (And no, you don’t have to just get organized first. We do that during the program.)

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People have experienced big changes as a result of working with More than Organized.

Here is what they are saying…

“I was feeling overwhelmed when I signed up for this course. I learned strategies that have helped me gain confidence and a new way of approaching my tasks. I was able to start to organize my files and paperwork, and current mail is being handled on a daily basis.”


“The desk mess has been organized, streamlined, and a process has taken root and is working well. It was a great step in the right direction, cleaning the slate for several aspects of my life in the new year.”


“For me, the biggest shift is knowing how and what to do to keep my office functioning well, which frees up my time and energy so I can focus on doing what I love and not having my work flow slow me down.”


“I look at that drawer and to me it is a symbol of what I want my whole office to look like. You know, it just makes me feel so good.”