The Myth of the Seasonal Closet Switch

Common practice is to do a seasonal closet switch out of your clothes, then do it for all the members of your household.

This way of managing clothes by season can be very time consuming, and in my opinion, a complete waste of time.

There is washing, evaluating, folding, stuffing, boxing, unboxing, fluffing, hanging, and dry cleaning involved.

Buy some Space Bags, plastic tubs, take over another closet, haul the stuff up to the attic or out to the garage. Then you bring in or haul down the bags, tubs, totes, and wardrobe for the season coming up. It’s exhausting just thinking about it.

There are several major flaws in this method of clothes keeping:

  • Requires multiple sets of containers – and usually they are plastic.
  • Takes up twice as much space.
  • Can’t see what you need when you hit the sales.
  • Critters are more likely to get in your clothes when you store them away.
  • Global warming, the seasons are blurring.
  • The process takes 2-4 days a year.

Instead, imagine maintaining your regular laundry routine and getting ready routine year round, with what I call the self-correcting seasonal rotation system.

  • The beauty of this system is it allows for maximum creativity with your wardrobe.
  • The in between season cool and brisk days are covered.
  • Something cozy to lounge in is available for the days you have a summer cold.
  • Swimsuit cover-up and shorts are handy for the holiday cruise.
  • You save 2 whole days a year, or more.

Here is how it works:

  • The space you have in your closet is the space you are allowed for clothes storage.
  • No more over buying, you can only keep what fits in the space.
  • You will always be in fashion because when you have fewer clothes you get to buy new ones as they wear out.
  • The current season takes up the center of your hanging space and the top of the piles in a drawer or on a shelf.
  • The out of season pieces are rotated to the outer sides and the bottom of the pile.
  • As you do laundry and put away your clothes it automatically transitions to the current season.
  • If by the end of the season your ski pants didn’t make it out of the back corner, it’s time for them to go.

Now, your summer tanks can stay and become layering pieces. Now you will remember, because you can see that you already purchased a new black turtle neck at a closeout sale. Now you can donate the just in case shorts as soon as you pick up the replacement at the preseason sale.

I’ve been keeping my 6 foot closet this way for 30 years. My clients that have embraced this method have been transformed and I can’t wait to hear what happens for you.