Let my past brighten your future

I’d be happy to share insights and solutions on how to gain control and simplify your stuff and time. I especially like to speak to groups of:

  • Entrepreneurs who work from home
  • Busy professionals trying to get it all done
  • People downsizing for a simpler life
  • Overwhelmed people looking for an easier way

Speaking Topics

These are the topics I like best. They can be scaled and customized for your needs:

Be in the Moment and Simplify Your Life

5 Easy Things You Can do to Let the Clutter Go

  • Quick decision strategies to keep clutter from taking over
  • A step by step plan to save you time and headaches
  • The one simple trick to stay organized forever

3 Simple Secrets for Productive Paper Piles

The Easy Way to Manage Interesting Information

  • Quick decision strategies for what keep
  • A plan for locating the information when you need it
  • How to keep the work flowing and current

Get Twice As Much Done With Less Hassle

How to reach your bold goals when you can’t even find your to do list

  • Prioritize your tasks so you get the right things done
  • The best place to keep your list so you always know what’s next
  • How to plan your day so your projects always move forward

The 5 Essential Business Systems That Will Keep You On Track

A Flexible Structure to Help Your Business Grow Without Losing Your Mind

  • Ensure you aren’t overlooking something important
  • Easy access to your metrics, money and other numbers
  • Scale and delegate without feeling overwhelmed

Easy Ways to Leave a Streamlined Legacy

How to deal with the stuff you thought you’d have time to do later so you can have fun now.

  • Deal with your accumulation and collections
  • Declutter the stuff in your way
  • Cultivate an environment to live your best life

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