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Strategies for Handing Off Work to Free Up Time

You are super busy, with a lot on your plate and little available time to get it all done. Instead of slogging through and feeling bad about your lack of progress on your to do list everyday, you have the option of delegating, but you can’t quite bring yourself to. It would just be better if you did it yourself.

When are you going to squeeze that in? How will you find the time for Squeezing in One More Thing.

And what other task are you willing to not be perfect at to get both done? See the dilemma?


This article might as well be titled delegating for perfectionists

I know that is the reason you haven’t already done it. You are waiting for every thing to be perfect. The cash flow, the right person, the prep work, the outside temperature and the level of dust inside have all contributed to you trying to do it all yourself.

I’ve been there and lived to tell you that it is much better to let go and delegate already! You can get so much more done by handing off the tasks that are no fun, you are not very good at or are taking time away from tasks that you excel at.

What’s the worst that can happen? It won’t be done in the same way and to your standards? It won’t be covered in your own worry? Someone might notice that you didn’t do it? That it will be done? Oh yeah, it will be off your plate, no more worry over when you are going to squeeze that in. It’s DONE!

So, here are some things you can do that will make seeking and accepting the help much easier for you, the recovering perfectionist. And even more ideas about delegating can be found in the Maximize Your Time post.


First you have to take an inventory of all the tasks you have to get done.

Start with the roles you play and the responsibilities you have within those roles.

Then decide to hand off one or two of the tasks that you would really rather not do and is always in the back of your mind and often causes worry or stress. Some of the easier things to start with would be housekeeping, yard work and database management.

Create a checklist for how you would like that dreaded task to be done – if you were doing it yourself. This list can be adjusted as things occur and you learn what does and doesn’t work when someone else is involved so don’t get too hung up on “making sure it covers everything” because there will always be something.

Next, you need a communication plan.

To avoid interruption and make the most of your time savings, have a communication plan in place for the people you work with. Make sure they are aware of your expectations and standards from the start. Batch questions and check –ins into one regularly scheduled email, phone call or meeting.

Use the checklist to quickly review during the check in. Make adjustments as necessary. For more checklist ideas check out Easy and Effortless Systems.

Once the trust has been established, empower them to anticipate and suggest – always with a check in of course.

Soon you will feel almost perfect about your ability to accept help and be on top of things, You will be saving lots of time and focusing on the things you are great at, which is just more fun.


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