A More Productive You

A small group training program

It’s not about the right calendar or the right amount of money or the right time, it’s about your limiting beliefs.

This is not a class about which pretty planner will help you busily procrastinate and feel like you will never get it all done, but maybe if you squeeze in one more thing tomorrow…

This is a workshop that puts mindset before mechanics and decoration. This is a workshop designed to connect your actions to your desired outcome so you can do your best work and live a fuller life.

You can put your ideas into the world while being you. I’d like to show you how.

I spent years chasing the magic pill that would help me get it all done. I studied, tweaked, took another class, bought another planner, use color codes and special pens and still felt like I was constantly interrupted and derailed from bringing my vision to light.

How could I run a 6-figure business and still have time to watch all the TV shows?

I got clear about what the desired outcome was and started reverse engineering my time. I let go of other people’s concepts of productivity and shed the “busy work.” I learned more about how the brain works and habits are developed.

Then I practiced, and shared and proved the steps work – work for me and my fabulous clients.

What I have found while working with my fabulous clients over the years is that there is a frequently overlooked connection between a cluttered space and a cluttered mind. It is no wonder that people get overwhelmed.

Knowing your desired outcome – the real one – will make all your organizing efforts feel almost effortless.

This program is designed to take full advantage of the connections between time, stuff, and space, as well as the connections between mindset and results. I’ll reveal simplicity in your work so that you will have more fun!

Would you like to:

  • Save hours every week so you can…
  • Simplify workflow so you can use that energy for other things
  • Clarify when it is essential to get help so you can implement ideas and create consistent income
  • Recognize your own excuses for not honoring your time so you can start taking action
  • Gain control of your time so that it doesn’t control you
  • Fill your to-do list with the best tasks so you can achieve all your desires
  • Recognize relevant information & keep it handy so you can find it when you need it
  • Inject excitement and creativity into your day instead of overwhelm so you can be more peaceful and productive
  • Welcome simplicity in your work so you can experience delightful days!

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What are you waiting for? This is your chance to be better at TIME. Breakthrough the busy and become truly productive.

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This program is designed to take full advantage of the connections between time, stuff and space, as well as the connections between mindset and results—all in a step-by-step process.

What you get…

  • 6 live Zoom training sessions with me that contain a step-by-step method to become more productive. That means you get skills and examples of how to apply them right away.
  • 6 live Zoom Q&A session to ask questions so you can apply the knowledge to your situation and learn from others in the group.
  • A weekly accountability email designed to keep you on track, implementing, and moving forward while you develop new habits.
  • Support, immediate feedback and networking with the rest of the group. I am strictly limiting the number of participants so you are guaranteed personalized attention.
  • Fantastic Bonus Items.

BONUS #1 – Recordings of all 6 training sessions.
Value: $497.0

BONUS #2 – Downloadable worksheets, templates and checklists.
Value: $147.00

    • My Easy Goal Setting Worksheet
    • My Favorite Time Map Template
    • My Idea, Item, Task, Event or To-Do Criteria Cheat Sheet
    • My Best Questions for Decision Making

BONUS #3 – Virtual Acceleration Day to clear the decks and get you oriented. Value: $497

Upgrade with VIP Coaching – weekly private coaching calls with me for implementation and customization success.
Value: $5400 (save $900)

All of the program elements have been put together to help you form the breakthrough habits that will serve you for a lifetime. I know you will love the results.

The Schedule

All Classes are delivered via Zoom at 3pm MT (5pm ET, 4pm CT, 2pm PT)

The first Thursday of each month will feature a training, and the third Thursday will feature a Q & A session

Watch from the comfort of your own computer

Session 1

January 9, 2020

Mindset for Mastering Your List

  • Overview and basic tenants
  • Masterlist management
  • Awareness and expectations

Q & A

January 16, 2020

Session 2

February 6, 2020

Creating Systems & Routines

  • Routines for effortlessness
  • Habits for energy conservation
  • Agendas for efficiency

Q & A

February 20, 2020

Session 3

March 5, 2020

Mapping Time for Efficiency

  • Creating your ideal schedule
  • Letting go of things that do not serve you
  • Absolute YES list

Q & A

March 19, 2020

Session 4

April 2, 2020

Projects & Priorities

  • Keeping ideas safe
  • The power of 3
  • What to work on and when

Q & A

April 16, 2020

Session 5

May 7, 2020

Eliminating Interruptions & Distractions

  • Establish good boundaries
  • Recover focus
  • Strategies for saying NO

Q & A

May 21, 2020

Session 6

June 4, 2020

Defining Space for Creativity & Productivity

  • Setting up your physical space
  • Automations
  • Delegation

Q & A

June 18, 2020

Acceleration Day Schedule:

You choose Thursday, January 23th at 2pm MT
or Saturday, January 18 at 10am MT.

All that for the magical investment of $3250.00
(or 6 payments of $650.00)

Upgrade to the VIP LEVEL for a total of $5750.00
(or 6 payments of $1150.00)

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I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their dream of fulfilling and successful days.

Here is what they are saying…

“You made the whole process so easy and painless, and I loved how you had a clear plan for what we were going to do even though I had no idea how we would do it. You’ve helped me create systems for things that I didn’t even know needed them and now are working so much better.”

Jenna Avery

“More than Organized is an incredible service. I highly recommend investing the money to allow the time to be more creative and generate more money, joy, and opportunity in your life than a dysfunctional office. More than Organized was a perfect way for me to enhance my life and grow my career.”

Emily Darnell-Nunez

“The desk mess has been organized, streamlined, and a process has taken root and is working well. It was a great step in the right direction, cleaning the slate for several aspects of my life in the new year.”

Forrest Courtney